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Green & Clean,
Eco-Friendly Fire Lighters

  • Protects the Environment

    FireDragon Fuel is made from rotten vegetable matter rather than being wood based. This avoids cutting down large rainforests proving that a "rubbish idea could save the planet"

  • Non-Toxic

    FireDragon doesn't produce any harmful smoke or fumes when burning, so it doesn't taint your food when cooking.

  • Multi-Purpose

    FireDragon can be used with multi-fuel cooking stoves, indoor ethanol fireplaces and is excellent for kick starting your barbecues, fire pits or bonfires.

The FireDragon brand was created for fire and flame lovers, for those BBQ enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. We embrace the simple pleasures of bringing people together, warming yourself by a fire, sharing stories and creating unforgettable moments. Our specialist range brings warmth and joy to outdoor spaces and indoor log fires and burners. FireDragon can be found in all quality garden centres and DIY stores across the UK and online.

FireDragon Solid eco-friendly Firelighter and fuel pack of 6 packaging

FireDragon Solid

A lightweight, environmentally friendly and waterproof solid cooking and fire lighting fuel, as used by the British MOD.

FireDragon 1 Litre Gel Eco-friendly firelighter

FireDragon Gel

All-weather gel biofuel made from UK sourced ethanol which can be used in multi-fuel cookers, barbecues and indoor ethanol fireplaces.

FireDragon 1 Litre Gel Eco-friendly firelighter

FireDragon Liquid

Liquid biofuel
Perfect for kick starting your barbecues or lighting your indoor or outdoor ethanol burners and fireplaces.

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Our Mission

Helping people all over the planet have sustainable fires

We first developed FireDragon firelighters with military professionals and outdoor adventure enthusiasts in mind, helping people who venture into the great outdoors to cook their rations and boil their brews quickly, while safeguarding their health and protecting the environment.


This invention is a world first in firelighters; they are essentially made from rotting vegetable matter (UK-sourced ethanol), rather than wood from trees like other firelighters. So by avoiding cutting down large forests we proved that “A rubbish idea could save the planet”!  With 2021 likely to be the biggest year for British BBQs and staycations, a simple change in consumer awareness could contribute to reducing impact on the environment.


FireDragon Solid and Gel are an all-weather, ECO-FRIENDLY biofuel & firelighter. Made from UK sourced ethanol and can be used in multi-fuel cooking stoves, for indoor ethanol fireplaces and is excellent for the barbecue, fire pit or bonfire.


Borne out of the natural fiery passion of South Wales and its coal mining heritage and developed in collaboration with a leading team at Cardiff University known for its future thinking and scientific breakthroughs, Fire Dragon is the product to fix these problems.


FireDragon climbed to its leading position through extensive research, development, laboratory and field trials. One of the first customers was the UK Ministry of Defence, and it has since been taken on by defence forces and adventurers alike around the world; everybody will now be able to get their hands on FireDragon for their BBQ’s and fire pits as our new retail range has arrived in B&Q stores all across the UK.


BCB spokesperson, Paul Davies, said: “For far too long the public have had to put up with either bulky and dirty firelighters, many of which produce toxic fumes.  FireDragon is environmentally friendly. It’s a safer and cleaner alternative.”


Better than the rest

FireDragon out performs other cooking fuels by boiling 500ml of water in 5 minutes! That is over 2 minutes faster than the second best performing fuel. Meths boiled the same amount of water in 7 minutes, Hexamine in 7.5 minutes and liquid ethanol gel in 7.75 minutes. That’s a massive 2.75 minutes longer than FireDragon

Boiling Time (95C)

500ml water from 20C

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Cleaner than the rest

Our global waste and bad habits are impacting our planet greatly and because of this over the last decade we have seen rapid increases in global warming that has been detrimental to our earth’s wildlife but it’s not too late for us to make a change! 

Even the  smallest or simplest change can make a difference.

Barbecue’s are not a typical part of your day-to-day lives but they are important for quality family time. Standard charcoal barbecue’s using the go-to wood based firelighter have a detrimental effect on the environment and our planet, they are considered to have a high carbon footprint. 97% of people are still using harmful barbecue firelighters and it’s about time we made a change.

FireDragon fuel is 100% eco-friendly, it is made from recycled raw material and is completely non-toxic and produces no smoke or soot. So it won’t taint your food!

Take a bite out of climate change at your next BBQ by switching to FireDragon.

Your Firelighter
Matters to the Environment

CO2 Produced
Per Person, Per BBQ
0 kg
Of small CO2 particles
Caused by burning wood and wood firelighters
0 %
Tons of CO2 emissions
Produced from wood and wood firelighters
Of homes use wood lights indoors which are unsafe and bad for the enviroment
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A World's First