Mission Statement

The Clean Solution

FireDragon is a new solid ethanol cooking technology that offers a low cost, safe and practical alternative to wood, charcoal and liquid ethanol. FireDragon is a very powerful concentrated eco fuel and is efficiently consumed in existing cookers in the developing world. Hence reducing the normally high initial capital cost for new cookers or infrastructure installation.

Win-Win: Reduce Emission while Saving the Trees

Solid Fuel Dependance in developing nations continues to threaten environmental welfare. UNEP (2019) have identified charcoal production as one of the main driver in deforestation and forest degradation. Continuation of solid fuel consumption across the developing world will continue to eradicate the lungs of the world.


The harms of burning charcoal or firewood or well known. Charcoal and firewood emit toxic fumes such as Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. The extent of consumption is visualised by the WHO (2021), they note that over 2.4 billion people around the developing world are reliant on harmful solid fuels (WHO, 2021). Mass consumption of solid fuels illustrates a need to cut consumption for the welfare of the planet and the welfare of the users who breath in carcinogenic toxins emitted by the fuels.

How we do it

Farm Waste

Vegetable waste contains a significant amount of high sugar, which can be utilised to make strong performing ethanol which is the main ingredient for our FireDragon Fuel.


The vegetable waste is further processed to make a biofuel known as ethanol.


The ethanol is then solidified using a patented process to create FireDragon Solid Fuel.

Clean Hands

FireDragon Fuel is a natural disinfectant allowing the user to clean their hands using the fuel before cooking.

Cleaner Cooking

FireDragon is a clean and smokeless fuel, meaning that it will not taint your food when cooking with it. FireDragon guarantees no risk to the user.

Less CO2 & Carbon

FireDragon fuel omits far less CO2 and carbon than any other fuel on the market. It is also not made from fossil fuels.

It’s all in the chemistry. As we are using ethanol which is derived from 100% plant based materials, the chemical chain is very short. This means it doesn’t take much energy to break it down unlike complex hydrocarbons or fossil fuels. Also within FireDragon there is an oxygen molecule waiting to be released. This all adds to the hot intense burn from FireDragon and means it is easy and simple to light, works when wet and is most importantly not as bad for the environment as most other cooking fuels.


There are thousands of acres of trees planted, mainly in South East Asia, to be specifically then used to be made into fuel. This is then sold as “sustainability sourced wood”. Surely it would be better to leave these trees grow rather than cut them down and use them as fuel? The ethanol we use is primarily derived from waste vegetation.