Fuel for Net Zero

We are looking for funding and advice for this exciting sustainable project, to conduct a longer follow-on study on our new solid ethanol technology to an  African or Asian country, at scale.

This “Future 4 Fuel Is Solid” (FFIS) project offers an innovative eco-cooking fuel as a low cost, safe and practical alternative to wood or charcoal.

As our FireDragon is solid ethanol fuel, it makes cooking a lot more practical and safer to use, store and transport.

More importantly it will work with the households existing cookers.

So the household doesn’t have the high (for them) upfront cost, which has always prevented the widespread adoption of ethanol as an eco clean cooking fuel. Most past clean ethanol projects in Africa/SE Asia have focused on changing/improving the cookers, at a high initial cost for the household. We are simply improving fuel and have adapted it to fit the existing local cookers.


This project is ready to prove at scale, following FireDragons very successful 2021 feasibility study in Malawi and Bangladesh. This FFIS project is now ready to study 3,000 households using FireDragon, subject to funding. This will conclude with a business case, justifying the establishment of local manufacture under license, in a sustainable way for the long term good of the users, local businesses and of enormous benefits to the climate.

We have to cut deforestation as currently slashing or burning trees accounts for 11% or emissions and our standing forests serve as carbon “sinks”, breathing in a net 7.6 bn tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The FFIS project will have a significant impact on air pollution, reduce deforestation, improve the users health (especially for the mainly women) who use charcoal and wood as their primary fuel. This business model will lay the foundations for FireDragon to be rolled out into other countries, so hopefully reaching as many of the 2.9 billion people whom still use wood and charcoal as their primary fuel, as possible. If we can do this then we can save up to; 

  • 2,400 million tons of carbon dioxide p.a.
  • 24 million hectares of deforestation p.a.
  • Cut methane by approx. 20 million tons p.a.
  • Plus save millions of tons of nitrous dioxide, carbon black and other noxious fumes p.a.
  • 4.3 million people who needless die p.a. from indoor air pollution as a direct result from breathing in smoke from fires lit for cooking alone.

For more information on F4N0 read the below documents.